2016 Koenigsegg Utagera Release Date And Design

Jennarong Muengtaweepongsa struck again. I will ask you who this Jennarong (better to call it by name alone) and the perplexity is understandable why he Jennarong, not a celebrity. Draw car, but not a designer. At least not a professional. It could even be because – and here is the news – has only 15 years. Having surprised the experts with rendering (imaginary) of the next Aston Martin DB11, just a year away the budding fashion designer has unveiled at the Bangkok’s first physical model of his career, which seems already running at high speed.

2016 Koenigsegg Utagera pric
Koenigsegg Utagera One of “our”

And ‘in scale 1: 4 and was produced by the Californian N2A Motors design by young, who was among the participants of the workshop Meet the Masters organized by Quattroruote Academy in late November. And just within a stand dedicated to the initiative it has been exposed to the model car fair in Thailand. The concept is called Utagera and bears the mark Koenigsegg, foreshadowing the replacement of the standard model Agera, produced by the small Swedish supercar builder. The aspiring young designers had already experimented with the brand Koenigsegg, drawing the concept legera, hypothetical entry level range.

2016 Koenigsegg Utagera dashboard
Koenigsegg Utagera Son of his time

Jennarong started to squirt car on paper at the age of six and soon went to the computer: today directly realizes its models as well, using a free software 3D rendering. “The 3D allows me to check in real time the car from every angle of view and then quickly correct the defects,” says the young man. Design and implement the Utagera took three months of work.

2016 Koenigsegg Utagera unterior

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