2017 Corvette E-Ray Concept and Engine

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015 - 2017, Chevrolet

Even a myth of the sports car like the Corvette could surrender to the call of power “on tap”: what is still one of the more tenaciously faithful to the abundance of cubic centimeters, could change radically in the coming years.

Registered the trademark E-Ray

To open new perspectives come some information distributed at this time on the net, on the registration of the trademark Corvette E-Ray, which includes a letter universally symbol of power.

Two cases in the field

According to reports from the US, the E-Ray could be a model all-electric or plug-in hybrid. In any case, it would be a novelty in the history of absolute icon that continues uninterruptedly his career since 1953.

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 – David Kimble Illustration. X09AR_CH002 (United States)

Corvette E-Ray  Can the transition to the central engine

What’s more, the use of an electric powertrain in part impose a complete rethink of the body and the passage to the engine central theme of which we speak insistently about the eighth generation of the Corvette, and that has already been addressed past, with many concept cars which remained a dead letter.

A short a concept Corvette E-Ray

Among the possibilities to study, in the case of a powertrain plug-in, there could also be that of a four-wheel drive with electric motors at the front axle, which would mark a change of course even more momentous. The temporal proximity with the CES in Las Vegas and the Detroit Motor Show, finally, may not be random: there are others who imagines the arrival of a concept car “E-Ray” in one of the two events, to be understood as real and its statement of purpose for the future.

2017 Corvette E-Ray Concept and Engine Pictures

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