Camal Ramusa 2016, Design and Release Date

The Design Centre Camal, founded by Alexander Camorali in Turin in 2008, presented the first information about the Ramusa, a prototype that combines the worlds of supercars and off-road driving.

Camal Ramusa 2016 for sale
A “two-seater” with the body raised

For Ramusa was coined the term “Hypersuv” to emphasize the link between the scheme two-seater mid-engine and the body raised to 250 mm, while maintaining an overall height of less than 1.3 meters. One of the outstanding elements of the design is represented by widened wheel arches with shanks made of carbon fiber in view, a touch typical of off-road, here applied according to a logic of team spirit.

Camal Ramusa 2016 design
Camal Ramusa 2016 Characteristics

Ramusa called, which means “lizard” in Piedmontese dialect, is a tribute to Bertone (company where Camorali was born professionally and who owes much of his career). “Now that the Bertone no longer seem right that someone would bring forward his legacy, also in the tradition of the names given to the cars of the famous coachbuilder Piedmont, strictly in the local dialect,” he said. 4.32 meters long, 2.02 meters wide, adopts chassis and engine (a 3.5-liter V12 with four turbochargers) of the Bugatti EB110. The mechanics has been further evolved by adopting a hybrid system with two electric motors (of which one acting on the front axle) and the result is a wheel drive with over 800 bhp at disposal. The project owner, remained unknown for the moment, wanted to use the platform of the first Bugatti of the modern era and has not yet confirmed whether the car will remain a single unit or if it will create a limited series.

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