Rinspeed Etos 2017, Concept and Design

Thursday, December 17th, 2015 - 2017, Rinspeed Etos

The CES (6-9 January) host the world premiere of Etos Rinspeed Concept, a prototype developed by the Swiss company on the issue of autonomous driving and on the relationship between technology and users. After the United States the car will be presented in Europe at the Geneva Motor Show.

Characteristics Rinspeed Etos 2017

The coupe comes from BMW i8 and stands out for its unusual design of bumpers, tail and the front as well as for special alloy wheels 20 “, made with a special process aluminum and ceramic. It is the interior, however, the nerve center of the entire project. The dashboard has been completely redesigned, providing two curved screens 21.5 inches for passengers and installing a special steering wheel folding developed by ZF TRW. Beyond the retro feel of the books placed in a glove compartment, the whole scheme of the interior is designed to provide all the necessary information for both the active leadership and in the conditions in which the computer is to manage all functions. The Harman has developed an infotainment system that It turns into a real personal assistant, communicating with the driver by voice, gesture or interacting with the main touchscreen.

360 ° safety Rinspeed Etos

The Etos eight cameras mounted external high definition, providing a 180 degree view to the front and eliminate blind spots, as well as identify any obstacles in your path. At the same time the system sends to displays 3D images of the points of interest, seeking out areas where the signal is not available on your smartphone and downloading software updates directly from the web and checking constantly look to see where the driver is focusing attention and where you possibly can hide dangers that do not fall within its field of view. This system also allows to activate the vision on the screens of the rearview mirrors virtual only when the driver observes them, so as to avoid dangerous distractions.

Rinspeed Etos 2017 Stay connected

The car is also equipped with a drone (DJI Drone) which, equipped with customizable landing platform (with 12,000 LED) in the rear area, can be used to take pictures or shoot video, but also as a transport system for any purchases made during commuting. As tradition Rinspeed also searched for new solutions with its partners to develop other project details: the leather upholstery with natural patterns and processes to different external painting with three-dimensional effect, the Patravi Chronograph Traveltec integrated into the top of the dashboard with built-in camera for video conferencing system auxiliary electric heating for the passenger compartment and batteries. Round up the NFC system for the payment of parking and the wireless charging for smartphones.

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