2017 Alpine Vision Design and concpt

Sport Alpine twenty-first century is getting closer to debut: Vision Concept will be presented to the Geneva Motor Show (3-13 March) prototype that already integrates 80% of the items that we will see the production model. The spiritual heir of the Alpine A110 will be presented in its final version by the end of 2016 and sold in Europe in 2017. The production will take place in the historical site of Dieppe and later will be offered in key international markets.

2017 Alpine Vision wallpaper

2017 Alpine Vision Design

The team directed by Antony Villain drew Alpine vision concept to convey the same sense of agility, compactness and fighting spirit of the original A110. Compared to the Celebration Concept presented in 2015 and painted in the classic blue of the brand, for the Vision is white was chosen. This dye has an equally important meaning for the French House is for the preparations of the past series models for both the livery of some of the victorious cars in rallies.

2017 Alpine Vision engines

Less than 4.5 seconds for the 0-100 km / h 2017 Alpine Vision

According to official information, waiting to learn the values ​​of power, torque and weight, the turbocharged four-cylinder in central position will allow the tandem of touching 100 km / h acceleration in under 4.5 seconds. The interior images confirm the presence of the automatic transmission in addition to the paddle on the steering wheel, the center console are the present controls for neutral, reverse, parking and even the Power command, covered by a transparent cover.

2017 Alpine Vision release date

2017 Alpine Vision quality materials

The entire interior is designed according to the maximum lightness and functionality. The console is constituted by a single suspended element, while the digital instrumentation is collected in front of the pilot. The screen of the infotainment system is integrated with an analog chronograph and with a red side operation means all remember the “master switch” and the trip master of rally cars of the early 70s, but it was not so far provided any relevant details to system functionality. The entire interior is covered with leather, micro-fiber, aluminum and carbon fiber, while the seams in lozenges of the seats and the coating of the upper area of ​​the door panels recall, once again, the road A110 style.

2017 Alpine Vision interior

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