2017 Porsche 718 Boxster S Engines

Friday, April 15th, 2016 - 2017, Porsche

   Now he has two pistons in less and a nice turbocharger which pushes forcefully air into the cylinders. A true revolution for the Porsche, the Boxster and that of cylinders, as always, has had six. Fault of the limits on emissions, guilty of downsizing, certainly, but also a great opportunity for engineers to turn the page and look ahead. No regrets? We’ll see. The new engine is always a boxer, but four-cylinder turbocharged with a single turbo. Turbo is the classic on the 2.0-liter engine for the Boxster and the type variable (unique geometry creation of gasoline engines together with that of the 911 Turbo) on 2500 which is reserved, however, the Boxster S. The two motors they have the same stroke (76.4 mm), and then the same motor shaft, but different bore: 91.0 mm for the first and 102.0 for the second.

2017 Porsche 718 Boxster S At the wheel of the Boxster S

The first kilometers on the new Boxster S version I made them on, the more powerful that horse has well 350. To accommodate the new engine, which has dimensions and air required (power and cooling) fully different, the Boxster has been almost completely redesigned. If, in appearance, does not seem so different, looking more closely, you realize that the previous model, ultimately, is not much left. Only the hoods and windshields. So it’s always you, even if, in reality, it is another car. Also inside is changed, details, details. The environment now looks more closely that of 911. The equipment, in perfect Porsche style, spread over three semi-circular dials with in the foreground the usual tachometer, large, with full scale at 8,000 rpm and the red zone from 7,000. And on a semi race of the steering wheel, just like on 911, it is also checked that the mode dial is used to select the various set-up. Four in all: Normal, Sport, Sport Plus and Individual. The seat, electrically adjustable side bolsters in the car of our test, is captivating, well-supported. With the compact and vertical steering wheel, you can choose between the standard 375 mm and the sporty 360, the conditions for a nice guide are all there.

2017 Porsche 718 Boxster S Another roar

But my first encounter with the new Boxster S was not, then, so positive. The key turned, strictly on the left as on everyPorsche, the discharges do not I come over that chorus of voices perfectly matched I was used to, but a mumbling hoarse, a little ‘rough to be honest. I expected, of course, given the architecture of the engine, and I also decided that someday you will love this new roar “made in Porsche”, but not now, not yet at least, give me a bit ‘of time. So, a little disappointed, engaged the first begin to move. With the set up Normal and the transmission in Drive, the Boxster S is moving with ease in traffic, sweet, precise with the boxer four-cylinder mutters between 1,500 and 2,500 laps behind him (in this case in the true sense of the word) . Leaving Estoril (Portugal), the test program leads me on internal roads and then to the coast over Lisbon, free from traffic, perfect to try to understand how it goes this new Boxster S.

2017 Porsche 718 Boxster S Limiter at 7,500 rpm

Turn the Mode dial to Sport and Sport Plus then, the music begins to change. The boxer pushes, pushes, but really strong, and not just at the bottom, above 4,000 rpm there is another world. Turbot, free to let off steam on the second discharge line, it gets really bad, while the needle of the rev counter is fast approaching towards the red line and then cross it easily. The gears come one after the other, close-ups, fast, with the engine that continues to push without any delay or uncertainty. In fact the 350 horses are delivered at 6,500 rpm, but the power curve is nearly flat for another thousand (you lose only 5% power) until the intervention of the limiter which cuts (discreetly) at an altitude of 7,500. So if you change, for example, at 7,200 we find ourselves in the next gear again in the condition of being able to exploit all the power. In short, a truly remarkable progression that begins to make me appreciate much more this new four-cylinder. Even the noise, to those regimes there, is not too bad: not the end of the old six boxer but angry, very angry, to say nothing of popping in the release phase.

2017 Porsche 718 Boxster S very precise driving

Obviously, the frame is no less. Fit on larger 20-inch tires, the Boxster S faithfully follows the line file. The front end is very precise steering, more direct than 10% compared to the previous model, allows millimeter adjustments and returns, at the same time, a complete picture of what you are making the wheels. The rear end, then it is very well supported, so as to give the idea of ​​being unassailable frankly, unless you are highly provocative. In any case, what I liked most about this new Boxster S is the balance between the various components. Engine, transmission, suspension, steering and brakes, I have not yet said the brakes, they work in a rare balance that makes this Boxster S a true sports car. Of those with a capital S, so to speak.

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