2017 Techrules AT96 e GT96 concept and Release date

Monday, April 4th, 2016 - 2017, Techrules

  Techrules is looking for a European site to build its first supercar with microturbine charging. The Chinese company will choose the final location by the end of 2017: the objective the production of a small series within three years, followed by an increase in volumes for mass market models.

2017 Techrules AT96 e GT96 concept

Techrules debuted at the Geneva Motor Show with technology TREV (Turbine-Electric Vehicle Recharging), appeared on a plug-in hybrid concept in two variants: the AT96 (Aviation Turbine-powered aviation kerosene, diesel fuel or gasoline) and road GT96 (Gas turbines, biogas or methane). According to the Chinese engineers, the range extender type system is able to increase the autonomy of un’elettrica up to 2000 km.

2017 Techrules AT96 e GT96 Back in Geneva

At the moment the company is finalizing the processes of development and serial production of the TREV system, in addition to the technical basics and dell’AT96 design and GT96. Among the partners working with Techrules, remember, there is also the Italian Mavel, a company of Pont-Saint-Martin (Aosta) who supplied the engines and the six inverters of the concept. The founder and CEO of Techrules, William Jim, explained that the company will return to Geneva “to illustrate the progress made by technology”: in 2017, in addition, will be unveiled test results that will soon be conducted on the Nordschleife.

2017 Techrules AT96 e GT96 concept and Release date Pictures

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