2017 Toyota 86 Shooting Brake Concept

  The Australian division of Toyota unveiled the all-new 86 Shooting Brake. It is a concept developed by the Australian design team and presented to Sydney from Tetsuya Tada, the project manager of the Toyota 86 since its inception.

2017 Toyota 86 Shooting Brake design

2017 Toyota 86 Shooting Brake A new rear

Leveraging the basis of pre-facelift coupe, it was designed a new body with a tailgate according to the Shooting Brake philosophy: a kind of sports station with two doors, a particularly streamlined cut and able to accommodate four passengers with greater comfort. The official photos show only the body, so it is not possible to estimate the space that really is housed in the rear area for people and luggage.

2017 Toyota 86 Shooting Brake for sale

2017 Toyota 86 Shooting Brake Unique specimen

The Shooting Brake Concept was made in one copy and is fully functional. According to the statements of Japanese engineers, the new body and the different weight distribution have made 86 more neutral cornering without losing its sporty feeling. Tada has ruled out mass production, although the reactions of the audience will be important to understand the possible reception of a similar model on the market.

2017 Toyota 86 Shooting Brake release date

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