2016 Audi A4 B9 TDI Ultra Full Review

2016 Audi A4 TDI Ultra Full Review, Here we will talking about Audi A4 B9 design, drive experience, price, fuel consumption and more.

2016 Audi A4 B9 TDI Ultra exterior design

Initially it would be High 320dA EDE the BMW Executive but actually I found this in design what obsolete, especially the Interior. The 3 has been around since the end of 2011 on the market and has recently had a facelift and that has made him something nicer in terms of exterior. It rides nice but I find the power really too little and the engine sounds, in my opinion, very raw and just like a coffee grinder when cold. But also in this best much sound. In the end I was not yet convinced of the 163 HP and that is why the dealer offered me a test drive in a 190 HP so without EDE. In my opinion, not really a big difference and I felt I had to omit some best options because otherwise I would go above the lease budget. Yet but look further. I have looked for a Mercedes C220d vending machine but this was not very interesting in terms of lease in combination with a number of options I wanted so also fell off, so no test drive made eventually. Strange that the C class diesel has so little horsepower. Gosh what are you going to do? Anyway just check out those new Audi A4? Yes can’t hurt. You should rather be open to something new.

2016 The Audi A4 B9 Review

Back to Audi where does this review on. At the leasing company first out what prices of the basic models. It soon became apparent the A4 to extract favorable in terms of base price so there was quite a bit of space for motorization and execution. Finally delve into the world of Audi and that began with the choice of the motor: 190 HP. With both the 150 or a test drive. With the 150hp a whole day and the 190pk an hour. There I noticed that the 190pk still had enough pull over above the 130 km/h and the 150 PS what was left. The 190pk reed just what smoother and has continuously pull across the entire range. You can recognize the 190pk variant to the dual exhaust on the left. I was actually surprised at the A4 and is much more modern in terms of Interior Design. Road handling is also fine all you notice that you have when you get to the front wheel drive gas 190pk full controller from standstill because then the traction control lights on. Then the BMW yet just what finer with rear wheel drive should I admit. But how often do you do it.

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2016 Audi A4 TDi Design

In terms of line I chose the Design Pro Line execution and Moonlight blue in combination with Twin Leather Atlas beige. It is could become. During the test drive I have found that I have the big screen (= MMI Plus and standard on the Plus variants) is fantastic in combination with the Audi Virtual Cockpit but since I make the same route daily and the navigation therefore not often need not really an advantage. I also have not really used during the test drive but fantastic. Unfortunately too expensive in the lease. If you choose the Pro Line execution you get an 8 inch display at your counters so that’s not wrong and best beautiful. In combination with Google Earth is the way fantastic but this goes through your data bundle and can quickly go if you often used, especially if you also streams via 4 g.

2016 Audi A4 B9 TDI Ultra interior features

2016 Audi A4 Audi Sound System

Than the audio system. Well what can I say. I have with the standard system driven and that did just fine but was still curious to the Audi Sound System, also in view of the additional cost. That, however, was a disappointment. The B&O system fell, however, because of the high lease rate (is then written off at once). The Audi Sound System of the A4 B9 2016 is skimpy and if you the volume a bit higher then put creaks the subwoofer or it seems like something is loose in the care Board. You hardly hear the bass. The standard system of my car, a leading V40 D4, is still 10 times better and costs no extra euro. Well, maybe a Monday morning car so it still only just another dealer that also had an A4 with Audi Sound System. Exactly the same so I could delete this option and I still had what about for something else. In the meantime, I had already read bad reviews on German forums so that confirmed my decision. I’ll much A4 B9 riders in Germany which is itself a speaker against upgraded and that that even better sounds like a B&O system and at a few hundred dollars extra so maybe that over time is still an option.

What a delicious option but unfortunately too expensive in terms of lease rate. I would have liked to carry an extra charge for this option but that could unfortunately not. I’m driving a lot of file and file assist works ok though you must enable the system every time if I did something wrong. That I’m going to forget than once and then do you think that the system is on and then you have an accident. File assist responded occasionally some too fast which I don’t always feel as comfortable to found. Lane assist works super and fairly precise. The adaptive cruise control I found some rigorous intervene when a car suddenly catches up. The car slows sharply and then I thought that was not fine for it on the back of coming traffic. Well, still not quite perfect I think. Side assist is also useful. You can customize the ferocity but I thought it was still insufficiently present. A beep was useful.

Audi Smartphone Interface with Apple Carplay and Audi Music Interface

I thought, I must have Apple Carplay. But that fell against. I had to at every start the car again connect with my Iphone while that with bluetooth without saying. Not convenient so but maybe fixed with a software update but how long will that last. … The apps that are displayed are not nearly all apps from your Iphone. I had thought that I could choose and that the MMI system that then it would save. Not so. I stream lots of music via Soundcloud and MixCloud but sometimes were the apps there and sometimes not. If the apps were worked to the half or ran the system (or my Iphone). That option so also but omitted. And Audi Music Interface? What is the added value of is I do not know but if you are streaming via bluetooth then you have this option is not needed. Especially useful if you want to work with cables because there are additional connections under the center armrest.

2016 Audi A4 B9 TDI Ultra interior updates

Electric sunroof (code 3FE): because that just gives a lot of light in your car. And I’ve always had a car with retractable roof, and now in my private car so a must have for me.

Twin Leather atlas beige (code Zi): because I have chosen for Moonlight blue I found this bright trim fit nicely. In combination with the sliding roof much light.

Driespaaks leather steering wheel, multifunctional plus and heated (code 1XP): including flippers, many buttons and heated.

Electrically folding mirrors (code 6XE): useful in the city and I still had a few dollars lease budget on.

54 litres tank (code OM1): strange why that isn’t standard. The standard in the 2.0 TDI is 40 liters. Handy because I 220 km per day. You must tick!

SCR tank 24 litres (code FK2): this is a standard 12 litre Adblue tank and is. Apparently you have a larger Kit what I find weird. With 24 litres you can – I thought-10,000 km ride. If the Adblue tank is empty, moreover, stops the car and you can no longer continue! Ridiculous in my opinion. I wonder how this is going to be soon, with refueling.

2016 Audi A4 B9 TDI Ultra lease option

2016 Audi A4 Suspensions

If you have a BMW are used to drive an Audi is something else. I personally feel the road handling of a BMW slightly better but maybe lost a sports suspension at the Audi this on because this option I am so forgotten. Maybe it also by those Continental ECO tires? I hope that these links quickly worn out then some no ECO tires more on.

Buttons and buttons
Yes, the buttons are all on the right spot. Here’s thought about it. Also the stick is top. The volume for the audio also well placed and fast next or previous channel or track.

2016 Audi A4Fuel Consumption

For those who find this part important: 5.5 litres on average 100 but I ride therefore reasonable (fors) by. As I normally ride with cruise control then it comes easy on a 4.8-4.9 liter on 100. I have to many fueling what a is. A tank of 54 litres is really too small if you have 220 km daily commuting. Also had no mention of Adblue.

S-tronic automatic
The S-tronic automatic I don’t understand at all. Or the S-tronic understand me not. I don’t know what I should think. I assume this self-learning. Maybe it’s because I have chosen the Ultra variant but if I 120 then makes the engine 1100 RPM. That is, of course, very quiet but I need the gas so far kicking (up to almost a kick down) to switch back that its not self-learning. If the car then switch back then I find best raw. I have it for now resolved by immediately after starting the sport mode and often the lever to the right to enable this State in one gear and longer so that I can switch with the flippers. Actually, you are somewhere in the menu this sport should be able to set as the default mode. Moreover, I am happy with the 190pk version because that goes like the fire department.

Drive select:
This feature may remove them from me. I do not know what the added value of is here. I have friends on set but I notice it just not really. Apart from the Dynamic mode switch 1 gear back but that’s the sport stand ….. For me a pointless feature.

MMI navigation and Google Traffic
I have the small variant and that will do just fine for the normal functions. Works nicely fast. I have me signed in bji Audi Connect and now I have nice Google Traffic. Just takes some MBmaar I love it when through the app My Data Manager. The dealer indicated that that could only with MMI Plus but I was happy that it worked. You see exactly real time where file is and where not. Google Earth also works in conjunction with the small MMI screen but costs significantly more MB. Very beautiful to drive down the street.

These creaks regularly. Not chic for an Audi of nearly 55 k. I am getting a bit wondering where that “advantage through technology” comes from. We have been established since 2001 bluetooth in cars and this car is not good. Perhaps a software update? I also stream music via bluetooth. Then buy a Aux cable, maybe that makes a difference. If you have purchased an iPhone 7 than I would for an Audi Smartphone interface going for who has no aux Jack more.

Standard audio
This will do just fine and am happy that I have no Audi Sound have ordered because that was worse in my opinion.

Crazy sound at 40 km/h
I hear a strange tap after starting and driving away. That’s exactly at 40 km/h. After some detective work on forums I found out that it’s a self test of the ABS. I don’t be that this is such an irritating sound. Looks like a spring that is stretched apart.

Standard chairs
I now have a number of longer rides and I’m missing something to the seats. Is frugal the right word? I could unfortunately no sports seats in combination with Twin leather atlas beige and also no sports seats in combination with Design implementation icm dust.

Heated steering wheel
Well crap or not …. it is delicious as it is cold in the morning. If this is enabled then this is also stored at the next start.

And beyond. …
Am I the comfort acces forgot to order. So without you key open the door …..
Just remember that if you want a retractable roof at the sedan that the headroom for the rear passengers.

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