2017 Infiniti Q30 TCT Premium Review and Price

2017 INFINITI Q30 1.6 TCT PREMIUM. With the niche brand Infiniti Q30 tries to be less niche. The first car manufactured by Nissan’s luxetak shares his technique with the Mercedes-Benz GLA.

2017 INFINITI Q30 wallpaper

2017 Infiniti Q30 TCT Premium Review and Price

Infiniti has been with us a rear guard player and the Q30, at a time when people are going to drive smaller, change that. Not that the Golf and Astra now trembling in a corner, but the first half of this year, the Q30 already sold nearly a hundred times, while the other remained stuck together on Infiniti’s 25 copies.

Although Infiniti at partner Mercedes-Benz knocked for the subcutaneous area, it has the look not easy from there. The sharp folding, voluptuous slopes and unexpected corners make the Q30 very recognizable, like the waisted grille. Inside he falls by the basket: the number of borrowed components of the GLA is overwhelming, up to the ignition key and steering wheel. Too bad, because on other points has Infiniti it is right perfect for each other. The broad lines of the Interior are own design and there is no on materials skimped. The dashboard is richly lined with beautiful, stitched leather and the many high-gloss wooden panels do think you’re a couple of classes higher. The screen is beautiful in the fully integrated and covered, so you also in bright sunlight well.

2017 INFINITI Q30 entertaiment features

In the back you can sit just fine as an adult, but very well it is not, any more than the luggage room. What the road handling, the Q30 on comfort-oriented. He feels soft to the touch, but also well know little about slopes in curves and Council with worse road surface. There is a 156 HP strong 1.6-liter turbo, which feels smooth and powerful. The dual-clutch zeventrapsautomaat is the most pleasant choice. Who does his work smooth and almost seamless, with which he fits well with the character of the Q30.

Conclusion of Q30 review

A rare appearance that delicious, much comfort and makes you think that you have a class higher drives thanks to his sublime use of materials and exclusive character.

2017 Infiniti Q30 Specs and Price

  • Price – € 34.380
  • Fuel petrol
  • Cylinders 4 in line
  • Valves/cylinder 4
  • Direct injection fuel system
  • 1595 cc engine capacity
  • 115 kW/156 HP maximum power at 5300 RPM
  • Maximum torque 250 Nm at 1250 RPM

2017 INFINITI Q30 photo HD

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