2018 Seat Ateca 1.4 TSI 4Drive Review: The first Spanish SUV

Thursday, September 15th, 2016 - Seat
2018 Seat Ateca images HD Orange color

Seat Ateca 1.4 TSI 4Drive: the first Spanish SUV – Hello Everybody, Welcome to Roarcar.com. With the new 2018 Ateca hopes Seat some grains of a market segment that is still in expansion. A dynamic look, advanced engines and a high-tech equipment: on paper at least, there are all the ingredients of this compact SUV is a success.

How is the success of the SUVs be explained? According to some specialists of the sector is our car an extension of ourselves, of our lifestyle, our habits, our financial situation, of our social values and the way we in society. At least, as we read in the press file of the Ateca 2018. This blurry contemplations let us rather on behalf of the ‘ communication specialists ‘ in question, but we believe the SUV no more and no less than a massive fad (and thus a goldmine for the constructors), that mainly caters to the style (adventurous and especially flashy) and the size (under the motto ‘ big is beautiful ‘). For the rest, this car type, compared to a classic brick, not so very much for share: although its height facilitates the entry level, but is detrimental to the road handling, ride comfort, consumption and budget tyres, while the interior space and functionality not exceptional. In short, the roads of fashion in mysterious ways …

2018 Seat Ateca 1.4 TSI 4Drive Review

Driving Dynamics. The 1.4 TSI 150 Ateca is a pleasure in terms of flexibility and dynamism. The cylinder shutoff is (almost) unnoticed. The manual gearbox has short switching roads, but is sometimes hankering operate. The spread is well adapted to the engine. The exact steering offers a good resistance, but is somewhat overbekrachtigd at low speeds. Drive does the Ateca sufficiently dynamic, thanks in part to the light motor on the front axle.

2018 Seat Ateca rear angle

Safety. The Seat Ateca 2018 has seven airbags (including a knee airbag for the driver) and seat belts with pre-tensioners and force limiters for and aft (aside). He recently scored five stars in the Euro NCAP tests, after the number of tests per vehicle was increased and the evaluation criteria were tightened. Note that most driver support systems are optional, but their price is correct.

Comfort. Although the new Ateca a fairly stiff road contact, is the damping comfort surprisingly convincing, particularly filtering, and despite the presence of large 18-inch rims. The front seats offer good support and sit comfortably. Although the rear seat back support, it is also far less pleasant, especially thanks to the generous leg room. The automatic climate control with two zones does its job quickly and well.

Practical side
An advantage of SUVs is the smooth entry. There are plenty of large storage boxes, front and in the back. The standard equipment of this top version is complete but the finish is uneven: so the dashboard is lined with a soft material, while the door panels and the without the sun visors very “light” to the touch. The flexible availability is limited to a folding rear seat … which no flat cargo floor.

Connectivity. The big navigation screen in the new 2018 ateca cabin offers a good resolution and is easy to operate. If you’re wrong driven or a redirect should follow, is rapidly becoming a new route calculated. A gsm link goes smoothly and charging with induction is quite pleasant. Generally, you quickly got used to the Infotainment System. For the control you can use real buttons, the touch screen or voice guidance.

Budget. The entry level version is attractively priced. On the SsangYong Korando after this is the cheapest SUV of the moment. Who wants four wheel drive, however, has no choice but to go for the top version Xcellence. In terms of budget, that is a very different story … Fortunately, the options are offered at reasonable prices. What the cost, you remember that the consumption of a turbo petrol engine strongly depends on your driving style. The price of the New Ateca 2018 is around 31.580 €

Conclusion ; Seat Ateca 1.4 TSI 4Drive: the first Spanish SUV Review

Advantages and disadvantages of Seat Ateca 2018


  • Enjoyable engine
  • Relationship outside dimensions-indoor area
  • Light-footed and dynamic handling
  • Shock damping comfort
  • Standard equipment


  • Price (in absolute terms)
  • Quality of some materials
  • Basic modularity
  • No flat loading floor
  • Consumption can be up

Is the new Volkswagen Tiguan has become too big and too expensive to your taste? Then the Seat Ateca 2018 you ever can seduce. He rests on the same platform, uses the same engines and … can boast a more pronounced look. The materials are not (always) of the highest level and the modularity remains basic, but the 1.4 TSI is a pleasant engine, the Interior is spacious and the compromise comfort-road-holding is very successful. What more could one want?

2018 Seat Ateca 1.4 TSI 4Drive Review: The first Spanish SUV Pictures

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