THIS IS The CHEVROLET COLORADO ZH2, MILITARY WORKHORSE WITH FUEL CELL. Chevrolet today announced the long-awaited Colorado ZH2 proposed to the world, an off-roader for the United States Army with a fuel cell on board.


In 2015 left Chevrolet for the first time know along with the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) a very special version of the Colorado in the barrel. The two companies have today presented the results of the cooperation: the Colorado ZH2.

CHEVROLET COLORADO ZH2 For extreme offroader

The Colorado ZH2 is a out right in any case already pretty extreme offroader. The car with its towering height of 2 meters about 22 centimeters above a regular Colorado. Huge offroadbanden, a special frame with extra long ferry routes must be the Chevy Colorado ZH2 through rugged terrain. The most special feature has the Colorado ZH2 in his inner clogged. A fuel cell is responsible for the supply of electricity.

CHEVROLET COLORADO ZH2 engine specs and performance

The U.S. military intends to begin a long series of tests next year to see to what extent electric cars with a fuel cell the army. Chevrolet gives himself some of the benefits of such a vehicle for the army. Thus, an electric car are maximum torque instantly available and are the Evs pieces quieter than huge diesel engines. According to the American manufacturer can the byproduct, water, very useful in remote areas. that’s it the information about Chevy Colorado ZH2

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