2000 KM With 2018 Peugeot 3008 BlueHDi 120

2000 KM With 2018 Peugeot 3008 BlueHDi 120 – Since its launch, the new 3008 collects awards. Above all, she has a strong commercial interest (65 000 orders in three months) that requires on the part of the manufacturer of acrobatics for the supply of assembly lines, when a provider is struggling to keep pace.

To go beyond the first rolling of discovery (165 horses and automatic petrol engine), and thoroughly test this new product, we just make more than 2000 kilometers on the new Peugeot 3008 version look and with the 1.6 diesel engine l Blue HDi with mechanical box 6.

Exterior styling: A line of adventurer, assumed

Of course, the new SUV from Peugeot does not go unnoticed. On the course, a number of people have expressed interest to the original and modern design. The coast adventurer is assumed fully with a front face aggressive and conquering, well brightened by chrome and original light signature, but also by the large wheels (19-inch here) and black plastic protections, identifying all the lower body.

The rear appreciates also in this spoiler discreetly extending the roof from her hair a narrow rear window. Clever implantation of the rear lights gives this stern a signature original and successful. This well-proportioned set opens automatic on a broad chest, a very convenient way for bulky loads or heavy (of 520 liters to 1 482 liters, with the fractionable bench, the handy command in the folder).

Overall, the new Peugeot 3008 asserts itself by its size increased over the previous model. With 8 more centimeters in length (4, 45 m) wheelbase has, also, increased by 6 cm, so that the ground clearance is increased to 22 centimeters. However, the new 3008 retains an initial 1.84 m. width remains that the car turns out to be impressive, you will much more besides the print, various sensors sound quite often, even touching such border station of toll or such post in a parking garage.

Style interior and equipment: modernity and connectivity

Even though the exterior styling deserves a tip of the hat, admittedly it’s uphill on Board that we will discover a radically renewed world. The interior design was thought to bring both modernity and practicability. The pure, flowing lines vie with functional commands and directions colorful and flexible i-cockpit, very visible behind the small wheel, that was well in hand. A wide touch screen includes all management features that you can select from keys piano practices by a large family of actions such as radio, air conditioning, navigation, vehicle settings, phone and mobile applications.

Special care brought to the upholstery and the mix between fabric and plastic pulls the qualitative. In the same spirit, seats (in massage function) provide excellently, a seat and a lateral with simple toppings, in total harmony with a well-finished interior and equipped with extensive and very numerous, even if storage in front of the passenger glove box is small.

As you know to move with the times, connectivity finds its place on board: connected navigation 3D, SOS Assistance, and online services, but also recharges the smartphone by induction. To complete this panorama very enticing, it should be noted that the HI-FI Premium FOCAL system was developed in liaison between the Peugeot engineers and those of Focal to optimize the choice materials of doors, for example, and in the end, the quality of the sound is a treat.

With opportunities coupled settings between the steering wheel and the driver’s seat, it’s easy to find an optimal driving position. Forward, blind spots are not a nuisance, so that backward the narrowness of the rear window can be seen no more, since, for maneuvers, a high-performance backup camera ensures total security, if you do not use active assistance to the parking is available on our test model.

Engine: Diesel or not?

At a time where the relevance of the purchase of a diesel vehicle arises in France, we wanted to make this long essay with this type of car. Note the catalog offers a Peugeot 3008 with more powerful diesel engines to 150 and 180 horses, as well as 130 gasoline engines or 165 horses.

From the outset, we were astonished by the silent operation of this engine, which is almost forgotten. Stationary, in neutral, the Stop & Start device quickly goes into action, we have proof by the needle of the tachometer falling to zero and barely perceive the start, very responsive. With a total weight of 1 300 pounds, the engine, well supported by a 6-speed manual gearbox, penalty ever and can benefit from a couple interesting to 300 Nm, arriving very slowly at low revs, then present above 1 500 rpm. Let us be clear, this box for effective guidance and straightforward locking ensures perfectly the job, even if IWE are pretty hard-core developers of automatic transmissions.

On the road: the exceptional driving qualities

Throughout our journey on road, highway, mountain road, or paths, we had the senses to track down imperfections or defects regarding management, suspension, braking, so we had been impressed with consistency and homogeneity of this mechanical set, in the first high-level taken in hand.

We knew the Peugeot know-how with regard to the running gear and suspension. On this new 3008, a first observation is needed. The absence of body roll, quality of depreciation and the ability to overcome inequalities of the roadway, even strong, really amaze us. We consider even have ever known on a mid-range car such a level of efficiency, generating a comfort of high quality for all passengers. The driver, meanwhile, will be in addition to other opportunities to have fun behind the wheel.

Thanks to a perfectly calibrated and accurate direction, placed the car to the millimeter and can get off the pass of Lautaret, totally dry, at a good pace. As you ensure in all circumstances of outstanding braking, either at the beginning of the action or endurance. The mechanical box is precise and firm with the fifth and sixth reports “a bit long” in order play favorably on consumption.

In short, in this test, we have to regale us with this gentle, efficient car and behavior that could be described as exceptional. For fun, we have tested on short sequences Sports mode, bringing a certain punch to accelerations, which has the effect of also increasing instant consumption.

Overall, on some 2000 kilometers, the onboard computer returned us a global consumption of 5.1 l / 100 km, knowing that we have sometimes allowed to warm up the car without driving. Consumption standard, settled at 4.7 l / 100 km urban, 3.5 l / 100 km extra-urban and 4 l / 100 km in mixed.

2018 Peugeot 3008 Price: Attractive but expensive options

We cannot pass over in silence the many driving AIDS, which you can set the action from the large touchscreen (line crossing, distance alert, monitoring blind spot…). For our part, we especially enjoyed reading speed limit signs, whose accuracy and responsiveness deserve to be praised for the peace of mind they provide you and probably the contraventions that they avoid you. Moreover, the presence on this new 3008 Full Led spotlight is to be welcomed as an element of comfort and security undoubtedly valuable. Everything happens automatically, ignition, switch lights crossing or road, lighting of the turn… and the effectiveness of the system, there also deserves, a tip of the hat.

Peugeot for the release of its new 3008 has defined several levels of equipment with according to the progression of models: Access, Active, pace, GT Line and GT.

From our base engine and version look to the standard equipment already interesting (access and starting hands-free, air conditioning bi-zone, autonomous telematics box, rear windows and glasses tinted, air side front bags and curtains), priced to 34 550 euros we have listed many options, that are pushing the Bill. It would be tedious to inventory everything but some big positions of extra expense may give an idea of the waltz in which a seller can have a tendency to want to train you.

“Connected voice-activated navigation is charged €1 200, the Focal HI-FI system 850, the tailgate hands free 450, 19 alloy wheels” and the wheel of quick-fix

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