2017 Smart Brabus Tailor Made Reviews, Expensive Style

Monday, March 27th, 2017 - Smart
Smart Brabus Tailor Made Configurator

Once is not custom, let’s start at the end. The new Smart Brabus Tailor Made is expensive, or very expensive. The grid of entry level rates roughly matches that of class A, or about €23 000. And by adding options, it exceeds blithely €30,000, making the price the centimeter and the horse for this urban mini of 2.74 m high.

Except that this car customers laughing more or less of the amount of the check that we asked them. They want above all to have ticked the right box for the thing more than that of the neighbor. And for that, just Smart things done well. Beyond the classic finishes, the manufacturer whose factory is based in Hambach in the East of the France is now the program custom tailor made. It allows having a choice more robust for outdoor shades, linings, the color of accessories and we manage. In this Smart Brabus Tailor Madedeclination, it shows a sense of more opulent atmosphere. The desired effect is obtained. If we can find some similarities with the Twingo, and including a few commands, the presentation has nothing to see.


It will be noticed at first glance this Smart, not like others. First, there is the large wheels with a unique design, that make it even better sitting on the road. Of course the shields are part of the Toolbox which differentiates it from the rest of the range. In addition to being more prominent, those at the front sees two little whiskers enhance its aggressive aerodynamics bringing even more ground. At the rear, appear two tailpipes integrated in a diffuser that throws doubt on the version of Smart that you follow. In terms of look, it throws, and with the program tailor made, it is by definition possible to concoct a truly unique car.

Chassis and engine

Smart Brabus Tailor Made Gebraucht 2017

Under the floor of the trunk is a 3 cylinder turbo just 109 horses. On paper, it might seem just a little when you’re wearing the Brabus badge. Can’t give totally wrong to observers who think, given the performance that gratify it anyway to a 0 to 100 km/h a little below 10 seconds. The rather slight sound accompanies Besides this lack of brutality at the wheel, and that’s good.

They railed against the noisy Brabus, placed on a plank of wood, with a legendary auto box, and not in the good sense of the term, which did not necessarily make life easy. With the series twinamic dual-clutch transmission, accreditation is transfigured on this new version. The jerks disappear, therefore they are more combined with the vertical bouncing that characterized the former.

Smart Brabus Tailor Made Test Drive

Indeed, the compromise comfort/dynamism returns one of the preceding two centuries back. The city and the hyper centers remain of course his stomping ground. It’s the least that could be expected of a mini-citadine. Co-development with Renault has resulted in a structure that frees the front axle, with the key a turning radius that allows him to sneak even more easily everywhere. Despite lowering the ride height, you won’t see more your cup of coffee spread its content to every green light and on the paved passages.

Above all, she can afford to go out outside the cities, little or less in the same way as a city with more generous dimensions. That is to say without hurting ears, without annoying with a depreciation that would not be done for large spaces. Even if her name Smart Brabus Tailor Made, she does not turn into a beast of the circuit, and is not the idea. Because she cannot do both, be comfortable on a daily basis while being formidable on a track. It is clearly the most consistent cars under 3 meters. And strangely, we love spending time at his wheel, as it is fun.

Smart Brabus Tailor Made : Conclusion

Precisely, when it comes to talking about competition, it’s hard to name it. A Mini, for example, displays far greater dimensions, two additional places, and of course logically better benefits. It remains perhaps the Abarth 595, but there too, hard to find common ground. In terms of comfort, it is clearly less good in Italian. But these competitors will have anyway never the strong argument of the Smart, its short odds which completely change the perception of cities from his driving seat.

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