2019 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid Reviews, Interior, Prices

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2019 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid Engine Performance

The 2019 Toyota Prius sees its range supplemented by a rechargeable version. She allows him to boost his versatility, and has prioi to dispense with his engine on a trip home / work. We had to sift through its benefits in Spain, in the vicinity of Girona.

2019 Toyota Prius Exterior styling

You can do the test, when you ask anyone to quote without thinking a vehicle hybrid, we’ll talk to you about the Prius. She has so achieved a high degree of popularity, and yet is still not in stealth, well instead.

This fourth generation always gets noticed, and it is same for the rechargeable declination. On this last, the look changes, with the integration of a ramp of lights to leds that are involved in addition to the style, with consumption contained when they work. This ultramodern style worthy a concept as salon continues on the flanks and rear, too specific. You can almost do without lozenge crit’air, with recognizable look, us don’t will never bothered the pollution peak days.

2019 Toyota Prius Interior

Inside, can’t say that Toyota played in sobriety. Here too, it is believed to settle in a concept as with equipment of today. The presentation would have nothing to envy to that of a ship of science fiction. At the top of the dashboard is a longitudinal screen that transcribes the main driving data.

In the Middle sits a large tablet from which we will be able to manage a little everything and anything. Two days we will not enough to successfully use it well, so will have to listen to the seller at the time of ownership. It is rather well established onboard, to spend his day in the city in this zen space. At the front and the back, nobody is going to run out of space, well wedged into the soft seats.

2019 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid Trunk Capacity

2019 Toyota PriusĀ Engine

The principle so this 2019 Hybrid Prius lies in its ability to be able to ride solely on the strength of its electric propulsion. She also has two modes 100% EV. One that allows it to reach Highway speed, and another who bridle at around 80 km/h to optimize its autonomy. Hard to say if it can reach announced 50 km but what is certain, is that we were able to travel nearly 40 km on the force of its electric motors.

And when it comes out, along the roads and highways, she demonstrated again a truly extraordinary consumption. When allowed to optimize consumption, juggling the EV propulsion and 4 cylinders of essence of 98 horses, after 130 km that many 60 on Highway 120 / 130 km/h, we barely exceeded the 5 l / 100 km. A figure that is down to 4 on the return, by being a little more attentive, without playing mobile chicanes.

New Toyota Prius Test Drive

Clearly, this is one of the sweetest vehicles that it was given to drive in urban areas. You just want everything, except to rough her up. It makes soft life on board, no matter what’s happening outside. The transitions between the thermal and electric motors are so silently that it would not always detected. And then there’s the CVT. To tell the truth, it does not generate any smoothly and is quite ideal to support the propulsion of this Prius. On the other hand, nothing to do when it comes to survey roads, where one needs to use reminders and do play power. she caught tours to 4 cylinders, which came to break peace on board, despite the efforts in terms of soundproofing.

To recharge the battery of 8.8 kWh, wait for about 3 hours on a conventional socket, and 2 hours on the quick Chargers that can be found in the city. There is also a charge mode rolling by the thermal engine, which does the job in a little over an hour after how we seek.

2019 Toyota Prius Prices

In terms of price, the 2019 plug-in Prius requires additional costs over 6000 euros compared to the conventional Prius, with a rate at 36 900 euros. It’s a little expensive, or even a little too. But its benefits are worth visiting, especially in built-up areas his stomping ground, without being impossible to use outside.

2019 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid Reviews, Interior, Prices Pictures

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