2018 Kia Picanto 1.2 Reviews; Compact 84 Horsepower

The new Kia Picanto, after to be exhibited last month in Geneva on its exhibition stand, descends on the roads of the catalan hinterland. The opportunity for us to take the wheel, to discover the qualities and defects.

2018 Kia Picanto Redesign Interior Exterior

The 2018 Picanto of third generation at the first glance looks more like the second. So it like rather a restyling, but in fact it is a brand new car. To caricature, she is in terms of style, somewhere between the Smart and the Toyota IQ. However the Korean style asserts itself with including the famous grille so-called “Tiger Nose” which made the connection between the two tapered lights. In addition, our trial in finishing line GT version energizes her features by giving false air of small well upset sports. With more wheels to the 4 corners, see already fun on the roads. As for the rear with his shield a bit prominent, its verticality should facilitate life during parking manoeuvres. Be said to fit its 3.60 m should not be unduly difficult.


Interior, there is immediately the efforts of presentation and perceived quality. Overall, the materials prove to be chosen more carefully, the design of the dashboard shows more modern. There is in fact in a compact, in smaller dimensions. And given its small car ratings, is quite comfortable, first at the front, but also in the back where our accompanist of 1 m 75 didn’t specifically to complain about the space on board. We feel clearly better installed than in its early competitors, like the Aygo triplet, 108, C1 and the Twingo. And in terms of facilities, it outperforms them. Starting with the Tablet hyperconnected, with of course the integration of Carplay and AndroidAuto to connect smartphones. There are also grants for the new lines on the segment. In addition, the trunk of 255 liters holds a record of the category.

2018 Kia Picanto On The Road

Under our hood, a 1.2 4-cylinder 84 horses. He’s taking this light car without penalty, but it seems more turned to the versatility for less pull the language outside built-up areas, that the explosion in the city. Rate stabilized at 90 miles an hour, it allows keeping an on board acceptable noise. However in the urban stages, as long as there is need of reactivity, it ensures the job. It, however, lacks a bit of fishing when we want to call on the power, and it’s a shame. We imagine the other engine smaller, probably more nervous and more appropriate use of the city. As for the box, they would have liked it a little more accurate, but nothing really insurmountable. His leadership and its turning radius ideal, though less small than a Twingo, makes life easy.

Its chassis privileges rather comfort, without sacrificing agility. She sneaks into the streets without worry. Not to mention Regal, she is quite simple in an urban environment. In terms of behavior once in the area more available, it was actually expected something more unbearable. Taking roll pretty well contained allows getting away to the countryside without losing the smile too much. It shows even a good standard comfort, for a vehicle of this kind, let’s be clear. Now we have no desire to spend hours on the road driving to play apprentice rally drivers. She didn’t so ashamed in the face of the current competition, which should even get updated to be able to stand the comparison.

2018 Kia Picanto Pricing & Conclusion

At the time of signing the purchase order, its tariff is in fact below that of a Twingo when we pick the same options. The Aygo, C1 and 108 are certainly cheaper but are not entitled to the same staffing. Indeed, they are starting to show some technological delay, unless it’s the Kia which is suréquipe. The Korean is, in any case, the more modern category to date, while still in the average price of the market (from € 10 900 to € 16 100). And significant weight argument, namely 7 years warranty, applies of course again and again.

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