2018 Nissan BladeGlider Test Drive, Engine, Interior

On Sunday, March 19, the Geneva Motor Show closed the doors of its 87th edition. Nissan, like all other manufacturers, packed his car to return them to their sites. Except for the 2018 Nissan BladeGlider concept, which was in the greatest secrecy join your servant, on the circuit Paul Ricard in le Castellet in the South of the France.

Arriving in the morning on the circuit “Driving Center” of the site, the concept was waiting for us already, still getting clean and prepare after his night journey from the Switzerland. The opportunity for us to go around, well away from the spotlight and the din of salons where far stands could see it. We are a real privilege. For the record, we remember the actress Margot Robbie asked bed where I’m about to put mine.

2018 Nissan BladeGlider Exterior Design

As stated on the back, this concept was inspired by the Delta Wing. Remember, this atypical car rolled at the 24 hours of le Mans in the 2012 edition. It takes indeed the snout tip, in proportions different, more modest and more worked aerodynamically. Very tapered allure gives him the air of a car with a roll bar on the cross surrounded by a bubble. It’s heavy doors Elytron to reverse kinematics compared to what we usually see, he gives an unsuspected scale. Clearly, it impresses, and want to get behind the wheel.

2018 Nissan BladeGlider Interior Style and Equipment

The prepared BladeGlider of three places in a configuration point. The ‘pilot’ in front of at the Center, and two passengers on each side in withdrawal. An ideal investment not only for a good distribution, but also for the vision, the two occupants with amazing views of the work of the woman or the man behind the wheel. Out of a sports car, bucket seats are rather conventional and get them as in a conventional vehicle.

Allan, my instructor of the day, tells me that I can even adjust the steering wheel at height. What a luxury! The bottom bracket is shifted, which facilitates the life of the left foot Stoppers. Information to remember when it’s time to throw myself. We first explain how to display the various pages on the steering wheel, as if I was going to have the time and the envy of diving me when I’m on the track. I discovered a “drift mode ‘, that I would refrain to activate. The transmission has a reverse, a neutral point, and two markets before which one reserved to the pit lane.

Test Drive

After two tours in ‘spectator’ leaving me to guide by Allan, I find myself alone. Before leaving, we kindly remind me some essential information, and in particular the fact that there are only two copies of this electric prototype of about 270 horses. I’m also the first one, but I won’t be the only one if you know what I mean. It’s no pressure no, I select D2 on the wheel, and swing me in the pitlane. With a motor in each wheel back and given the look of the beast, I would expect that it grows. Of course, it does. The first chicane longer so fast as I think. The brake pedal is finally like a normal car, easily measurable.

When you come out of a classic car, can only find the perfect direction! A perfect consistency, it makes the easy placement of the wheels. However be careful at the wide rear axle addressing the strings, materialized by cones in some places. Behind our bubble, the sensations are surprising. You hear noise from the wind, those typical of electric mechanics. And then all the clicks and bed of the chassis and suspensions. In short, it is in another world, probably very close to one of the drivers of formula E.

End of our first run, back to the stands, guided to the location by a mechanic at the side of the charger, as for the real drivers of cars. We believe! Here too, we are seized by smells unusual, difficult to describe. Turn on the machine, to observe a few details. One notices including on the rims to the very special design of the tires of different brands. The rear of the Michelin Pilot Sports Cup 2 with dimensions identical to those in the trade. At the front, the Bridgestone Potenza in contrast to unusual size, since erasers are 175 mm in 17 inches wide. But it is already time to go back! Again attached the harness adjusting the better driving position.

This time, let’s do more frankly when welding the accelerator pedal to the ground from the pit exit. We are indeed more in trust and know the track better. Pleasure is then tenfold since we have less need to look for our brands. In the short straight, we reach easily the 140 mph, before braking always keeping a safety margin to pull the ears. The ease of handling is disconcerting, and we think we’ll continue filing the bitumen of the circuit all day.


This overview of “piloting” small electric sports thus gives us a few lessons. A new vision of fast driving on the circuit or elsewhere, who doesn’t have the brutality of a more conventional sports vehicle, but that gives other sensations. There are these cash and transmission first, sounds that let this false impression that something is wrong. Having to focus only on acceleration and its investments to go fast, without worrying about anything else.

Of course, that that’s what I thought before you leave the driving to Allan, to take me on a quick tour. I don’t know if he has received the same caveats about than me, only this copy availability. But see how it led her, it’s like not! Above all, this 2018 Nissan BladeGlider Concept seems to us technically already very accomplished, as well as in behavior. Anyway, loved it, and it begins to dream of an electric sports car of its kind. Here, I’ll make a wish.

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