2018 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Reviews, Prices, Driving

2018 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive: the best for the city. What could be more logical for a city than to go to the electric microphone? It’s finally in this configuration only one Smart we believe is perhaps the most coherent. A philosophy that we have experienced in Toulouse.

Exterior styling

The Smart has been renewed two years ago, with notably the return of a version of the ForFour. This fourth generation is still noticeable by its Lilliputian dimensions or even alien in built-up areas.

Shortly after the launch of its thermal models, the 2018 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive version arrives with a philosophy of her. To differentiate, it adopts specific colors and badges recalling what she thrives. For the rest, it remains strictly identical to the other models in the range.

Interior style and equipment

Nothing new either inside, if not adapted, instrumentation with an onboard computer showing consumption, autonomy, and also flows, including when she regenerates a little energy. There’s a reminder of some information about a counter deported close to amount A, on the driver side.

Once on board, no isn’t believed in a limousine, but neither nor in a car that would have trouble containing two passengers comfortably. There is enough space for the two occupants, and it is not in how we could better optimize the volume.


Under the trunk floor, we find a french engine, provided by Renault and assembled on the Cleon site. He develops a whopping 60 kW, equivalent to about 80 c. We ask not really more to pull the 1060 pounds about of our small car. It is believed drooling, but not to mention the lightning war, the 2018 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive is like most cars of the kind. It grows immediately, eventually a way, without shocks and other parts of the report.

It’s much better that its thermal equivalent in urban situations, without opposition as possible. Well, to tell you the truth, even outside, we don’t have much against him in terms of driving, with a speed that reached enough easily a motorway pace.

What we love the most, its extraordinary turning radius. Without looking if there’s better in the automotive world today, your servant did not remember to have already experienced best in the exercise. It sneaks and gets absolutely out of the most complicated situations, even in the middle of the streets of the town center of the French town, without ever maneuver.

We get the chapter of parking, this is a game where one always wins. You spend your time actually to live again in our heads from the annoying moments in Paris when driving in front of free places at other cars driving, saying “I had a Smart, I came home…”. ยป.

The German manufacturer, which to recall the factory is established in France in Hambach (Moselle) took the gamble of autonomy not exceeding cycle NEDC 160 km. We can imagine that they are also constrained by the space available to the cells. Based on 40 km daily to go to work and come home, she is more than enough, we don’t want to say otherwise.

Even for those who must manage multiple appointments throughout the day in an urban area, you can be content. In our real life, under 15 degrees that day, according to our estimates of mileage and remaining upon arrival, it expected to weaken 120 km approximately. And this with fifteen terminals on the fast track.

We imagine so a scenario where should reload it’s 2018 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive on a daily basis for peace of mind, or at least every 48 hours, hoping not to have an impromptu afternoon appointment a little far. However, the manufacturer has improved its recharge, which does not exceed 6 hours on a domestic socket, which drops to 3 h 30 minutes approximately with a suitable wall box.

In addition, if there is a quick setting, it will be possible to recover the 17.6 kWh of the capacity of the battery in less than an hour! The latter, to be equipped with a charger embedded in the car, 22 kW. We will not lie, the question of infrastructure remains, even if in a city like Paris, for example, auto lip terminals make the stress a little less difficult than in the past.

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Prices

Finally, we can not imagine the Smart other than electric to get the most in town, his favorite. If while Smart takes the risk to sell exclusively in this configuration in North America. If legislation does not change this year, we deduct the tax benefits to the 23,000 euros that she claims, including battery. Chick?

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