2018 Volkswagen Golf GTE 204CH Reviews, Redesign, Interior

2018 Volkswagen Golf GTE 204CH – The 7th-generation Volkswagen Golf is entitled to his restyling of MTR. And history to take cognizance of its evolutions, we took the wheel of one of the swiftest versions, the GTE, which lists almost all the facilities available. It is on the island of Mallorca we have proven it.

2018 Volkswagen Golf GTE 204CH Redesign Exterior Interior

We can already hear the gossips ‘ nothing has changed! Pretty much, it is indeed characteristic of the Mercedes, especially at Volkswagen. But let’s not exaggerate, the more observant will notice immediately the new light signature at the front and rear. And it is mainly about these details that one will notice the difference. Suddenly, the bestseller of Wolfsburg guard the same general appearance, which lacks charm, but always as serious looks. So reassuring for the majority of its owners. We still wish that developments will be a little more visible.

Inside, however, there is a small revolution, with the counters. Finally where we found them before because now there is a large color display. After the Audi, it is therefore also democratized in the Volkswagen. To strengthen its technological side, it also retrieves a touch big, which also recognizes the movements from one radio to another, for example, sweeping a gesture without touching the glass. In addition, advanced driving AIDS are part of the array of options, as long as we put the price. The finish is still equivalent to what it was before, and we like the way GTI fabric or blue replaces the red. And besides this GTE takes all the specificities, which give a sport chic accent to this cabin.

Once the battery powering the electric block 102 horses charged, it’s time to go on the road to experience this greener than other Golf. The ability to load today allows in theory to reach the 50 km on one electric propulsion which can also reach the 130 km/h. FYI, refuel in 4 hours on a conventional plug, or twice as long if you have adequate housing. In practice, we’ve reached 30 kilometers without paying attention to a road course. Which suggests that taking care of his conduct without playing for as many mobile chicanes, the 40 km seem us a perfectly reasonable goal. We enjoy clearly in town, his field of choice, and even outside, thanks to friendly operation.

For the rest of the time, we use the “hybrid” mode which corresponds more or less to normal mode. In this configuration, the electronics manages what engine is and at what time. It is as well as the 1.4 TFSi of 150 horses can intervene. Thus the electric block comes to relieve the heat in phases the more energy efficient, before letting the thermal take hold at steady speed. Is what happens most of the time, except when it seeks power, in which case the two work together. In these conditions, the average consumption navigates around the 5 liters in our reality. A model allows also to maintain the electric range and recharge also by forcing the market of the gas block.

As the GTE, there no other objective than the optimal performance. Actually, the car leaps faster acceleration, and we enjoy so 204 horses. The engine approval, however, remains in fast driving less fun than in a much more powerful GTi. And there is no small friendly sound that goes with it. In addition, if the chassis no lack of dynamism, there is still overweight that turns out not to be a good ally. Can not really talk about sportsmanship. But this being the chassis a bit firmer and pretty well hung has a better rigor than on a conventional Golf. The XDS electronic differential ensures a very reassuring traction when you put the foot on the floor out of turns. However, we stay well clear of a Golf GTi in terms of driving fast approval, which she partly monkey appearance.

2018 Volkswagen Golf GTE 204CH Conclusion & Pricing

But sports ecology if one can say so, at a price, and it is not especially cheap. We do not yet have its final tariff, but including bonuses currently in force, it builds at a rate between 38 and 40 000 euros. In this range, we can hesitate with a GTD of 184 horses, and especially a GTi otherwise more fun at the wheel. In all cases, whatever your choice, you can stay at Volkswagen.

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