2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Reviews, Engine Specs, Horsepower, Interior

Alfa Romeo invests with the 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV market, the name of a famous Alpine pass. I must say that expected the brand at the turn, in a particularly dynamic segment. The Italian manufacturer has his hole with his own weapons.

2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Exterior Interior

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio intends to demonstrate that it will take with him. And it begins with a design that feels good the Italy. It picks up the style trend begun by the Giulia. You’ll find so the look of the hatchback, obviously in a somewhat more massive version, sensual and rounded forms that you would like to caress the hand. Smooth and slender profile seduced, like the back marked by a sports shield which out two Chrome exhaust round cannulas. We dare say, this is probably one of the most beautiful SUV markets, thanks to its classic design which should cross the years without a wrinkle.


On board, we meet in the cockpit of a Giulia. Obviously any other habitability. The driving position is more elevated. We remember having been conquered by the new interiors of the German, very futuristic and technological premium sedans. And yet Alfa Romeo has managed to develop a dashboard attractive and modern, without relying on oversized screens. The counters built into guns make their little effect, and overall we like the presentation. All the materials are not as sophisticated as in the productions of Germany, not to mention a few assemblies a bit approximate, and yet we want to forgive, without knowing really beside why. Also sorely missing today essential equipment in a road like SUV. Then we pressure the button ‘Start Stop Engine ”

Engine Specs; 280 Horses

Firstly the procedure. The button is located under the left branch of the wheel, as on some supercars. Emotionally, it does not much yet. The 2.0 four cylinders 280 horses in effect, especially evidence of discretion. Then we are on the road, and this is where the magic begins gently to operate. The 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvioleaped promptly, and recites his reports to a speed as fast as lightning… or not far away. Even more sports cars can not boast of having one box too fast. And the block is no shortage of breath, it meets every demand on the accelerator. When we go on the D or the more dynamic of the DNA model responsiveness gets even better. The huge paddles behind the wheel to take hold of the gear in the most instantaneous way. It had already noticed this on the Giulia, and it is obviously the same thing in the Stelvio.

In terms of behavior, gets not very direct management, probably one of the most communicative of its segment. It is not especially sticky and perfectly informed of the placement of the wheels. As for the chassis, it is to match. The Stelvio attests to a balance that logically reminiscent us of a Giulia. There are clearly closer to the danger box to find the limits of coverage. Of course, it takes a little more roll than the sedan, but the movements of funds are instead reduced to a vehicle of its kind. The best place in the Italian SUV is behind the wheel. Others do better than him in terms of comfort, and yet we prefer to Alfa Romeo. I must say that the manufacturer has made efforts to hold the weight of his big baby. Aluminum galore, driveshaft carbon etc. In the light of the figures, an Audi Q5 of 252 ch, for example, weighs 130 pounds more and is not the heaviest.

2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Prices, Conclusion, Buy or Not?

At the time of closing, in addition, to seducing visually, the Stelvio is very fun to drive, and this without too many technological devices. It turns a bit more natural in terms of behavior than its competitors. With its intelligent Q4 transmission, it usually evolves in propulsion and transmits the torque on the front axle when this proves necessary. His place is on the road, and not really somewhere else. At 51 300 euros, the Stelvio 280 horses cost at first glance more expensive than its German competitors. But as always, when you put the same options face to face, the Italian iron underneath. However, we regret that some equipment in terms of driving as a limiter, for example, AIDS, don’t figure on any line of the rate card. And yet, after the driving, we love well this Stelvio, even. Because it is largely the comparison with the German premium in terms of driving, not to say that it surpasses them. Try it!

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