2018 VW California Review, Interior, Prices

How to marry automotive at the campsite, without too much suffering the disadvantages? VW offers an interesting solution with the 2018 VW California, a Transporter T6 transformed into a recreational vehicle. We went in Norway, on the Lofoten Islands to experience it.

2018 VW California Interior Exterior

2018 VW California, it’s a utility vehicle database, that can be used to the artisans, to transport people, according to the wishes of each, or so, to recreation when it has that name. Therefore, aesthetically, it may not look like anything other… than a van. However, it is akin to a Volkswagen in recapturing the Visual codes, to the image of the grille, and the lights which are typically home. However, it should be noted at the first glance on the right-hand side the awning that you can deploy for shelter from the Sun when it is parked.

Once is not custom, there are a lot of things to say on the inside, and of course its modularity. At the front, we are exactly as in all carry them. Only this time, the seats can turn around to face the wide seat. The latter may receive two passengers comfortably. In addition, it is possible to set up a removable table to make a small living room dining area. In these conditions, you can load a lot of things in the trunk and in the closets of the cockpit, cleverly positioned in an extension of the small fridge and Hob. To tell you, there are so many houses, we have forgotten personal belongings.

What the sleeping? First of all, individuals. Your servant of 1 m 70, and its accompanying 1 m 90. Thus, the night pushed us to transform the vehicle in twin room. First of all, must store our belongings to make room, which can take time, if we don’t store anything out. Put the seat in no time flat, and we place on top the Topper that normally lines the plateau of the trunk.

And here’s a fact first bed! The second, to first raise the canvas placed above our heads. It defeated the latches that hold it in place, and lift her up easily. The task can be also electric. Yes, by building on the front seat, our great comrade began above, resting on a true slatted. Nothing to say about the qualities of the beds, which are truly quality. A reversible air conditioning, connected to an auxiliary battery, to spend the night in comfort. Simply, we can only recommend earplugs, to better isolate external noise, and especially the wind if you are in hostile territory. There is even a reservoir of drinking water for washing up.

2018 VW California Test Drive

What we like, is that because of its size of a van, you can park on almost all outdoor parking lots, and also even some underground. We’re getting closer so little or less of a large car, of a large MPV. In addition, she behaves as such. That is, it can lead to a quite usual speed, thanks to the our version 150 HP TDI engine, which does the job in all situations.

Indeed, we can ride largely at highway speed without disturbing the flow of traffic as do sometimes despite themselves, the motorhomes or caravans convoys. Even on mountain roads, the generous couple doesn’t turn us into rolling chicane. We can afford to go beyond trailers without fear. However, it will not play the Fangio in the curves, it makes sense. Not because of a chassis which wouldn’t allow it, but especially to avoid jeopardizing your business.

2018 VW California Prices

It’s strength in California, its ability to behave like a conventional with normal performance truck, offering services of camper. The flip side, it’s suddenly no possibility of corner “bathroom”. But it offers more largesse in terms of escape, with fewer constraints placement on the public highway.

Question cost, it takes 10 to 14 litres per 100 km on the links according to the load. It seems ideal for weekend expeditions. It can be a good companion, but it will still find a shower time to others. Perfect for two or a small family, but a bit just for 4 adults and their business.

As for prices, they do the splits. Depending on the choice of engine and configuration, they range from 44 700 to 73 €170.

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