2019 Mercedes 500 SL Wallpaper Desktop 4K

2019 Mercedes 500 SL Wallpaper Desktop 4K

The 2019 Mercedes 500 SL is the quintessential leisure car according to the star, since the Fifties. Of course, in 2016 the SL has changed well with the technology that invites on board, to give a new definition to the notions of comfort and driving pleasure. Can the latest grinding (R231 for intimates) still boast of being one of the most luxurious roadsters in automotive production? Let’s go get the answer.

2019 Mercedes 500 SL Redesign Exterior and Interior

First of all, it falls under the spell of its allure. This long and low sport roadster seems ready to go, before even getting started. It does not forget its codes, with well on the black grille barred from the star, but also from the clawed openings, on the wings and the interminable hood. Since it became Coupe Cabriolet, the 2019 Mercedes 500 SL has always been able to keep a beautiful back, without giving any air of backpack to the trunk cover. We look for it, there is not really direct competition, or even indirect. No challenger comes to mind immediately when one seeks against whom one can oppose it. Nothing at BMW, not at Audi, the natural competitors.

Interior style and equipment

Inside the best of luxury marries with the latest technologies. Full-flower leathers flirt with chrome scattered all over the place. This small indoor lounge flatters the occupants for their enjoyment. We feel at ease, with the desire to make the journey last before it even begins. For the rest, the trendy golden boys will love all the assistance to driving, to stay on the highway, or the smart controller that makes hands and feet superfluous. Mercedes clearly controls the first steps of the assisted driving. From then on we find ourselves in the best possible arrangements to enjoy the sky, once the roof cleared in a few seconds completely automatic. For the winter, the two-part roof allows to achieve a sound insulation of sedan or coupe. So we sail in the best of both worlds.

2019 Mercedes 500 SL Test Drive

Under the right foot, the 455 horsepower of the Biturbo V8. For the insatiable, know that this cavalry is enough to have fun and go straight to the troubles with the Marechaussee. When you press hard, the car takes off, but doesn’t really make you sick. You feel the thrust, but you get carried away without the kick of a supersportive. The box 9 G-Tronic does the job, making itself perfectly forgotten. Moreover, one wonders what the pallets are used for, which seem to us, once is not customary, rather superfluous. Well stuck in our soft leather seat, we stay away from the hustle and bustle, and that’s good. One can therefore better take advantage of the beautiful roads of the region, especially with the sunburn, but certainly not a good time on board. We can linger on the technical data sheet, but beyond the numbers, the horses answer the call when they are asked. Certainly with pads instead of irons, but they are not lacking in spirit. Question repeats, this is a pure formality, especially to shorten a few meters the semi-trailer that would come to stain in the scenery.

Despite its weight that some will call excessive, Mercedes has sublimated its active suspension with magic wands to silence the most demanding in the matter. This is necessary in particular to enjoy the exceptional comfort of a Mercedes of the kind. But also to offer a high level compromise with dynamism, which must hold still its role, even if it pushes first to the ride. He guesses the curves and plays with the limits of physics to try to make the cash movements forget. The magic works, but one cannot ask a heavyweight boxer to play the ballerinas. However, and that’s where the chef’s surprise is, we have a lot more fun than we originally thought. The experience of his predecessors led us to approach the conduct with a few priori given the weight still as heavy to take. But the technical progress in this area made it possible to make life much less chaotic on board when we decided to shove it, for those who would decide to use the 2019 Mercedes 500 SL on contra-use.

2019 Mercedes 500 SL Price and conclusion

This luxury roadster proudly carrying the star sells expensive its magic, very expensive even. The own of a Mercedes in sum. This 2019 Mercedes 500 SL claims no more or less than 135.600 euros minimum. And as its future customers do not imagine doing without the many indispensable options, we quickly reach high points. What is certain is that the pleasure is ensured at the end of the tip of the pen when signing the purchase order, if one does not make the mistake of taking the SL for what it is not.

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