2019 Nissan Leaf Redesign, Inteior, Release Date and Prices

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017 - Nissan
2019 Nissan Leaf Release date and Prices

2019 Nissan Leaf Redesign, Inteior, Release Date and Prices – It is known, autonomy and above all the access to the recharging infrastructure remain the constraints of the electric vehicles. Except perhaps in Corsica, and you are told why, after having given himself a great deal of trouble on the tortuous roads of the Isle of Beauty.

By being invited to come and take the wheel of the 2019 Nissan Leaf now with 250 km of theoretical autonomy, one thought frankly not to learn much from the experience. One can imagine above all electric cars in built-up areas, where one minimizes the risk of being too far away from a recharge point. At first glance, Corsica does not seem the ideal terrain, but it would make a mistake to think it. Indeed, Nissan and the Ferrandi group promise that no electric car will be found more than 70 km away from one of the outlets put in place by the two partners. The opportunity for us to imagine an idiotic challenge. Can we come to the end of the battery before reaching this distance? But before that, let’s take a look at what changes with the latest version of the best-selling electric model, the leaf and its new battery.

2019 Nissan Leaf Redesign

After more than 230 000 sales since 2010, the design of the 2019 Nissan Leaf does not change an inch! We’re not going to lie to each other, the Japanese electric style shows up at least cleaving. At least, for those who want to showcase their green mindset, no risk of going unnoticed. It is one of the few vehicles of the kind recognizable at first glance. It has been entitled to new colors, but its big headlights in the front, and its end lights at the back at the tip of a body that is both fluid and marked are always part of it. It would probably not win the palm in a competition of elegance, however its lines give it a certain character. She is about to enter her seventh year of career, yet her drawing still seems topical. A notice of course purely subjective.

2019 Nissan Leaf Interior Style and Equipment

Inside, even fight, we’re getting closer to the status quo. Nevertheless, the perceived quality has improved. However the 2019 Nissan Leafremains a notch below its best conventional heat engine competitors. Ergonomics, rather simple, do not complicate life on board, and everything happens in or around the wide touch screen. The numerical table behind the steering wheel remains dominated by a small summary of essential information, including speed. History of motivating the most players of us who want to be proud to ride the economy, following the applied driving, the driver grows fir trees. The more you have posted, the more congratulations you deserve. The driving position does not push to sportsmanship, always is it that we were not badly installed.

Recall the challenge, succeed in falling into a “dry run” in less than 70 km, leaving with a battery at 100%. which will separate in the near future two fast recharge terminals on the island of beauty. First of all it is a bit hot, so we obviously turn on the air conditioning. But the co-pilot preferring the natural ventilation, he opens the windows. We thought about lighting the headlights, but it would have been a little too superfluous.

2019 Nissan Leaf Update

By setting foot on the floor leaving the parking lot, we didn’t expect to see the little Japanese car leaping explosively, like a short-wick firecracker … But we still had to forget any notion of progressiveness to seek as much time as possible, all the power available. The city of Porticcio from where we left has a few Berlin cushions. We did not brake when coming on, history of not recharging the battery. And against all odds, the amortization allowed us to swallow them without blow shot!

In Corsica, we find ourselves quite quickly in the mountains. Good! Our Roadbook proposed a course of less than 100 km, and given the pace that was imposed, we thought we could succeed in not closing it. With its surprising accelerations, one plays with the 109 HP of the car constantly, easily reaching the limits. After 20 kilometers, the battery already showed us barely 70%. We continued the ascent to one of the many passes of the southern part of the island. Halfway through, we ended up with a charge between 50 and 60% of autonomy.

We have now gone down to the sea. Despite its green tyres and the typical suspensions for comfort and the city, the 2019 Nissan Leaf suffered rather well our bad treatment. As we approached the 70 km, we had to go to the obvious, we had lost our bet. Even driving in the worst conditions, on a mountainous terrain to the least hostile to an electric vehicle, the leaf held the shock. It gratified us a charge of 13% after the end of our imposed course of about 80 km. The other cars, with crews rolling or in the economy or normally, had a load around the 40% for the most part. This suggests that a real autonomy of 200 km seems to be easily attainable. In terms of what you don’t like, you always have to deal with a brake pedal with an unusual feeling, and a direction that deserves more precision. For the practical side, the leaf is recharged by the front, on a fast (30 minutes) terminal that recharges at 80%, at home (12 hours), or instead of a Autolib ‘ for Parisians.

2019 Nissan Leaf Prices

When Nissan is asked what is the reliability of the 2019 Nissan Leaf after 6 years on the market, they admit that so far only three battery changes had to be made on all units sold, and that the customer return is 95% satisfaction. At 19 700 € (Bonus of 6 300 € subtracted), we are now in a range of ordinary tariffs on the segment of the compacts. Renting or buying a battery, you are left to your calculators. The leaf remains the most sold, but Renault has advanced its Zoe, and slowly but surely the competition begins to prepare its response. Except that the Japanese brand probably does not remain the arms crossed, and the fame of the current model coupled with the expertise of the brand could still make the difference at the time of renewal. Shall we take the bets?

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