2016 Fiat Tipo Release Date and review

A few days from the preview reserved variance in three volumes, the first stone of the project Aegea, the new Fiat Tipo shows up on the road in the form of Sedan. The model, one of the three with which the Turin intends to re-launch in the European C-segment, is expected in the markets during 2016.


2016 Fiat Tipo Wallpaper
All in the space of a year. The commercial launch of the three versions are taking place in the short span of twelve months: in December will arrive in the Italian four-door (already in production and available from November in Turkey), while by the end of next year will be not only introduced the “hatch “, but also the variant wagon. Assembled, like the others, in the Tofas factory in Bursa.

2016 Fiat Tipo Release DateFiat Tipo 2015 Rear angle
Functional: it wants Fiat. The common denominator of the family will be the functional vocation, attentive to the practical aspects and the relationship between the content and the price: the five-door type, like the sisters, will build on the strengths which roominess, width of the trunk and reasonable costs for carve out its place in the European markets. Also shared the range of engines and transmissions (also automatic).
In front it is identical to the “sedan”. Some salient features of images today, they should highlight the grid with the same pattern already seen on the three volumes, and a line of body that until the pillar continues faithful to that of the “sedan”. Definitely the most interesting signs coming from the tail.

2016 Fiat Tipo Interior

Fiat Tipo 2015
Fiat Tipo 2015

Specific rear lights. From the pictures today it is stated clearly within the door of the rear openings, as well as cutting the tailgate. Significant also visual cues on the rear lights, because these photos reveal the shape different from the views of the three volumes.

2017 Fiat Panda 4X4 K-way Review

2017 Fiat Panda K-Way 4X4 Colors2017 Fiat Panda 4X4 K-Way Review – After the debut of the front wheel drive version, launched last June, the Fiat Panda K-Way also comes with 4×4. The basic scheme, of course, is the same of the other Panda grains, with torque distribution of the “torque on demand” and electronic differential lock.

2017 Fiat Panda K-Way 4X4

The exteriors. The aesthetics of the model, available in five colors, is given to details such as the details painted in titanium, in contrast to the wing mirrors (available in four colors) and the K-Way logo that appears on them and on the hubcaps. Standard equipment includes alloy wheels 15 “liveried burnished and M + S tires.

2017 Fiat Panda K-Way 4X4Interiors

The interior. The interior is recognizable by the presence of blue cloth seats and eco-gray skin, blue dashboard and instrument panel in Silver Ultrashine. Characteristic also the many details with the distinctive colors of the K-Way brand and the jacket Visibag placed in the pockets of the front seats.

2017 Fiat Panda K-Way 4X4 Engine

The engines. The engine range of the model includes the TwinAir 85 HP (18,200 euro, 114 g / km CO2) and the 1.3 MultiJet II 95 HP (18,950 euro, 117 g / km), both of which meet Euro 6.


2017 Fiat 500L Living Tiberio Release Date

The Faraglioni the Blue Grotto, from Monte Solaro Villa San Michele, the Lighthouse of Punta Carena Natural Arch here is some of the natural beauties that make it unique on the island of Capri. But those who, at least once, have had the good fortune to visit, will also not forgotten the special welcome they received when moored at the port of Marina Grande. With the same elegance of Venetian gondoliers, a number of taxi drivers-guide is ready to carry tourists in any part of the island, showing them the most attractive and also entertaining them with anecdotes and stories. And it is taking inspiration from these modern “chauffeur” and their special “carriages”, which the Milanese atelier Castagna has implemented new Tiberius, an exclusive half a thought to any seaside town.

2017 Fiat 500L Living Tiberio  acceleration

2017 Fiat 500L Living Tiberio (Ri) of touches

Made on the basis of the Fiat 500L Living, the Tiberius wants to offer customers an unforgettable experience, where a nautical style, comfort and elegance come together to create something more than just a taxi. The rear overhang extended (+540 mm) transforms the Turin MPV into a sort of small beach with scratch-resistant floor and teak and mahogany finishes (solution similar to that adopted by Castagna 500 Ischia) and, with the addition of a spoiler, the roof It has been extended to cover not only the spacious luggage compartment (holds up to four panniers), but also passengers in the third row. Always in the queue, an additional retro touch is given by the final part of the ribs that the sides reached the circular taillights, inspired by cars of the years 50. To complete the picture of the stainless steel bars that connect the rear roof pillar to the “beach “and the unpublished sill moldings and wheel arch kit, which you can choose the color.

2017 Fiat 500L Living Tiberio price

2017 Fiat 500L Living Tiberio Open yes, but no roof

The originality of Tiberius in appearance is reflected in the modular design of the roof, which thanks to the new frame with aerodynamic spoiler provides different locking levels: winter hard top with and without transparent hatch, insulated soft top, soft top transparent and awning with structure steel piece. A desired solution to avoid the convertible top which, in addition to compromising the load capacity, would affect the comfort of the rear seats. In addition, the gap in the roof, arranged for the original opening glazing, it has been expanded in width and length for maximum visual, but without altering the stiffness and torsional performance of the body. Once on board passengers are greeted by soft Alcantara seats with contrast stitching, from blues profiles that cover the moldings from sopracintura the pavilion and the armrests of leather inserts, door panels and parts of the dashboard. The novel rear window, finally, is a transparent plastic material applied by a zip: with velcro becomes the only luggage compartment cover.

2017 Fiat 500L Living Tiberio interior

2017 Fiat 500L Living Tiberio Unique, in every sense

Any taxi driver can customize its copy and enrich it by drawing on the list of accessories and materials made available by the chestnut: the shower head set in one of the side peaks, useful to rinse the car during or at the end of the service, the large bottom compartment to store accessories and bucket with cleaning supplies and wooden moldings billet, achievable in different essences in addition to those already mentioned mahogany and teak, to polished steel bulkhead with wicker craft inserts wood stain, which the center can host any advertising.

2017 Fiat 500L Living Tiberio  release date