2018 Seat Ibiza Reviews, Interior, Redesign, Prices

2018 Seat Ibiza TSI 150 Hp Redesign and Changes

The 2018 Seat Ibiza TSI 150 Hp has been taking its place in the range for almost 10 years. The builder of Martorell is renewing it, and inaugurating a new platform on which the next Audi A1 and Volkswagen Polo will also be based. We went to Spain to take the wheel.

2018 Seat Ibiza TSI 150 Hp Redesign Exterior and Interior

“It looks like a little Leon,” This is one of the reactions we smoke witnesses. In fact, from the first glance, we think of the Spanish compact. A feeling reinforced by the width of the 2018 Seat Ibiza TSI 150 Hp, which takes about 9 cm on this dimension. The house style now seems to be well installed and differs sufficiently from its cousins of the group to no longer confuse them. Except that there, even though we recognize a seat in the retro, we will not necessarily just each time to designate the model. We like his profile chiseled, very dynamic visually. It is in the following way that she is best distinguished from her big sister, thanks to her very different fires. The FR finish of our test model makes the base even more sporty, with large stock rims and specific shields.

2018 Seat Ibiza TSI 150 Hp Interior, the presentation appears resolutely more modern, compared to the previous generation. Here also it differs clearly from the Leon, with a board drawing well to it. For the immigrant spirit we will come again. Seat again applies the austere specifications of the Volkswagen Group. The whole thing looks happily better bill than the 2018 Seat Ibiza TSI 150 Hp, but some qualities of plastics make a little tick. Because in terms of equipment, it is a Christmas of Iberian. The touch screen has nothing to envy to a golf course with all the necessary connectivity. Whether it is for comfort or driving aid, there is nothing missing. It comes to wonder if it may not be a little too equipped, at the risk of hindering the Leon. The habitability has progressed, so two adults feel rather well at the back. The safe also earns capacity (355 liters), and they are not much to do better than it in this area.

2018 Seat Ibiza TSI 150 Hp Test Drive

For the road, we made the choice of the TSI engine of 150 hp. This block seemed to be in a better position to fetch the limits of this new platform MQB a0. In anticipation of a possible Cupra version, this configuration is the core of the petrol range. And to make life easier, we also demanded the DSG box. Immediately one realizes the extension of this block, which makes the 2018 Seat Ibiza TSI 150 Hp versatile, as pleasant to carry outside agglomerations. It has the energy to spare but lacks a nervous hair at low speed. We will just not race with the scooters between two red lights on the exercise from 0 to 50 km/h. The DSG box proves to be a delight to lead as long as we let it. By playing with the different ways of driving, it will, however, give a few blows when we energize things. It serves the flexibility of the motor in the city and helps to navigate easily in the best beaches when it comes to going fast.

There is frankly nothing to say about the comfort that our Ibiza distils. It does, however, show a little too much roughness on the protrusions at low speed, but nothing frankly too disturbing, unless you chain 100 km of degraded road to 20 per hour. It is rigorous in behavior and makes us move from one turn to another without suffering. The management has enough consistency and does not really leave the room at random in terms of accuracy. It proves to be effective and without history, what its future owners are looking for. You really have to unplug parts of your brain to try to find yourself in tricky situations. In sum, in the exercise of the link between point A and B, it excels. There is a hypothetical, more radical Cupra version to have fun at the wheel, but at the time of writing these lines, the answer was rather negative.

2018 Seat Ibiza TSI 150 Hp Price and Conclusion

It will really take the polo to mark the gap with this Ibiza to the benefits well in the tone. Because after taking the wheel, one worries a little about the German. And the others will also have to update themselves in terms of driving aids to continue to justify their prices. In terms of tariffs, the entry-level increases, but also inflates its offer of equipment in exchange. Count a little less than 13.900 euros for the 75 ch petrol, and probably a tariff around the 22.000 euros, based on the average increase in the amount between the two generations. Indeed, for the moment the price is not yet unveiled for this version TSI 150 Hp.

2018 Seat Leon FR Review

2018 Seat Leon FR Release Date and Prices

The 2018 Seat Leon accompanied the revival of the Spanish original manufacturer, owned by the Volkswagen Group. The compact took clearly Germanic accents in its lines, and there was no question of turn everything upside down on the occasion of the restyling, exactly as is done in all of the Volkswagen Group. We took the wheel of the TDi 150 en version.

2018 Seat Leon FR Redesign Exterior Interior

How to differentiate a Seat León restyled the previous? Even when you follow news from the automotive world, on it there was evil. Priority must, of course, look at the level of the optics, and with a magnifying glass. Light strip drawing does not have the same design, and both are full leds at the front and the back (depending on the finishes). In our sport en version, the shield is also evolving at the margin, but nothing really visible. Must say that his design please rather not bad if one believes the commercial performance of the range.

Inside, if the general drawing does not change much either, we still immediately notices the new Tablet as a screen that throne on the center console. She made the economy a lot of buttons and keeps more orders. This restyled 2018 Seat Leon FR wins a lot of technology to continue to weigh on the segment. As seems to be the rule now, she inherits thus assistance to semi-autonomous driving in traffic including. What was first available on the Group’s German brands, so now arrives at Seat. In terms of finishing, it is less although a Golf and a 308 has nothing to envy when it isn’t the other way around. But the French will be restyled in a few weeks also.

2018 Seat Leon FR Engine Performance

Under our hood, a turbo Diesel TDI of 150 horses well known in the Volkswagen Group. In this grip, we also had the opportunity to take the wheel of a Mégane GT 165 CDi, a good point of comparison in terms of compact dynamics. Our TDi turns a bit more sound but is evidence of exemplary, much lower than that of the French most powerful responsiveness. In fact, the Spanish her outweighs even including on the exercise of the 0 to 100 km/h of a few tenths. The 2018 Seat Leon FR let drive with pleasure, with forceful reminders at low speed. Thanks to the excellent DSG, simply just put the foot down when it needs the power to operate an overrun and she descends the reports alone to quickly on the best operating range.

In terms of chassis, it must be remembered that we have its version sport, steeper. Where some not always pleasant TG at low speed on portions of degraded roads. Nevertheless, it is very far from the plank of wood, and all appears pretty comfortable on a daily basis. We chained the turns without fear, without either a chassis overtaken by the pace imposed on him. No surprise, we feel easily reach the limit of grip, then just lift your foot to stop the phenomenon of coverage. This isn’t great fun, but it can energize his conduct without disgust. Nevertheless, taking the Megane then, we realize that Renault is doing everything just better and offers more fun with a stronger platform. Especially it has 4 wheels that allow moving stronger in all turns.

2018 Seat Leon FR Prices

And this fun, besides Renault does pay more. The Spanish managed its update, not touching what worked well, and adding modern touches you’d expect in a compact today. In terms of rates, the Leon TDI 150 in finishing an is trading against the ‘only’ 30 730 euros. Must add nearly 4,000 euros to the Mégane GT. We’ll let you make your choice.

2017 Seat Leon FR Honest Review

2017 Seat Leon FR interior photos

let’s talk about the 2017 seat Leon FR, the tamer, more affordable version of the beast that is the Leon Cupra hot hatch. Now, the Neuer Seat FR model has a sports suspension kit, twin chrome exhausts and there’s even up to 181bhp if you go for one of the diesel. But can the FR put a smile on the faces of those who may have just missed out on Leon Cupra ownership? And can it compete against a Ford Focus Black Edition, Renault Megane GT or any of the many other slightly warm hatchbacks out there? Let’s find out.

2017 Seat Leon FR price

2017 Seat Leon FR Honest Review

Now, there is a few things that help you distinguish this model from the standard Leon, such as the FR kick plates when you climb in, the sporty-style seats and the leather-wrapped gear knob and steering wheel. And this steering wheel is flat-bottomed and comes with FR badging as well.

Layout wise though, it’s very similar to a Golf – with the Golf being ever so slightly plusher – but the Leon still offers a very easy to digest stylish design and our FR model comes with everything from sat-nav to Bluetooth and cruise control to parking sensors.

And for an extra £150 you can get Apple Car Play, Android Auto and MirrorLink with the Full Link package. Practicallity up front is pretty good as well you’ve got this sliding arm rest which has cubby holes inside, some decent sized door bins, decent sized glove box and two cup holders.

2017 Seat Leon FR interior photos

So, as a more chiselled version of a Golf, you may expect practicality to be lacking back here, but it really isn’t. I mean, you’ve got loads of leg room, loads of head room and you’ve even got enough elbow room for a middle passenger.

Now the boot might look a bit awkward due to this high loading lip, but once you get over it – literally – there’s actually plenty of space on offer just under 400 litres in fact.

If you want to expand storage space even further, you can fold these seats down There are a fair few drivetrain options on the FR, but today we’ve got the 148bhp 1.4-litre EcoTSI petrol mated to a six-speed manual gearbox.

Now this petrol for the VW group has become almost as interchangeable as its MQB platform and for a very good reason – and in the 2017 Seat FR it feels like a bigger engine, hitting the 62mph mark in just 8 seconds flat. You do get a bit of turbo lag, but that is low down the revs, I’m mean really low at about 1,200rpm, and once you blast past that you get a rather healthy 250Nm of torque which in a car this size feels pretty potent.

If you want to add a bit more excitement, you can engage Sport Mode, which appears in the driving modes menu with a little racing flag next to it. Now, I have pretty much had this in Sport Mode since I got it, and that’s for two reasons. Number one, it sharpens up the throttle response and makes it that bit more menacing, and two, there’s no compromise when it comes to comfort.

I mean sure you can tell that the suspension is firmer overall but its still really well balanced, and can pretty much iron out speed bumps, potholes, anything like that If you do want to drive it more sedately then you can throw it into Eco mode, which limits the throttle response – and this goes together with a nifty cylinder deactivation feature which allows for CO2 of just 114g/km, and on a mixture of different roads – country roads, motorways – you should be able to get between 40 to 50mpg.

Steering is nice and precise in the Nuevo 2017 FR as well, and when combined with this six-speed manual gearbox, you can just eat up winding roads. No its not got anything as fancy as a fully independent rear suspension, and yes if you push it like you might push a hot hatch, then it can come a little undone – but there’s just something about the Leon FR that feels right.

No its not a fire breathing dragon, but it does a pretty good job of playing the part of a compact flamethrower. So what is hot hatch-esque ownership going to cost you? Well, you can have a 2017 Leon FR for £20,500 – that’s £2,300 more than a standard Leon hatch but £8,000 less than a Leon Cupra.

2017 Seat Leon FR review and price

So it’s pretty obvious that I like this car. And the main reason for that is because it doesn’t just flirt with the idea of being sporty – it is sporty, I mean it’s a proper little pocket rocket. And if you’re after something that’s a step closer to the Leon Cupra, then yeah, this is brilliant.

There are other warm hatches out there that are very entertaining, to be honest some of them actually offer a more adept drive – but there’s no denying, the Leon FR is worthy of that that Formula Racing badge. But what do you think of the FR?